Wireless switch, Centralis RTS

Wireless switch, Centralis RTS

Wireless switch, Centralis RTS

Can be used with RTS receiver (loose or in the tubular motor).

Product benefits

• ‘Fixed’ wireless wall control point
• Easy to programme.
• Pulse control (one press on the button).

Main technical data:

Power voltage:3V battery, type CR 2430
Index protection:IP 30
Operating temperature:-10°C to +40°C
Radio frequency:433.42 MHz
Transmission range:c. 20 m. through 2 walls

Wireless switch

 Reference number
Centralis RTS1 810 090
Battery9 011 651
Type CR2430 sold in packs of ten.

Wireless switch for deviating switch material

 Reference number
Centralis RTS special1 810 249
Finish to be combined with deviating covering plates (see under the Diverse - Deviating switch material Inteo tab) and with the long covering plate ref. 9 011 295.

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