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How to Connect a Somfy Eolis 3D RTS Sensor to Your Somfy Awning or Screen

The Eolis 3D Sensor RTS (White) is an RTS sensor that expands the functionality of your awning or screen, by keeping it safe from wind damage.

Based on the measured wind speed, the sensor opens or closes your awning.

For all people who have bought the device, we’ll describe how to connect the sensor to a Somfy awning or screen. 

Like many other Somfy’s products, this one is easy to set up. The process consists of connecting your remote control and sensor to your device operated by RTS motor. 

Follow the steps below:

Turn over the remote control that you use to control your awning or screen. Press and hold the program button until the motor responds. It will take about two seconds for that to happen.

Open up the back of the sensor.

Press the red button until the motor responds. Flashing light is a sign that the sensor is successfully connected.

That’s it!

The sensor now automatically detects any wind and protects your screen.

You can still use your remote control to operate your awning or screen.

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