How To Check Your Somfy Motor When the Reset Sequence Doesn’t Work

There are instances when you need to reset your Somfy Motor

There are different ways of resetting your Somfy Motor; with the 3-8-3 sequence being the most common reset sequence method. 

The 3-8-3 reset sequence resets specific motors. It’s important to know your model type in order to use the right sequence. 

The 3-8-3 sequence works with motors with an integrated receiver and power mains voltage. Other than 10V or 240V models.

The 3-8-3 sequence may fail to work due to a couple of problems such as the motor is in the factory setting, lack of power, or the motor is defective. 

4 Common Issues That Lead to Reset Failure

Below are the four common issues that may prevent the reset sequence from working and how to fix them.   

1. The Motor Is in Factory Settings

This is the most common issue that prevents a reset. 

When you buy the Somfy Motor, you may want to test it. When you attempt to reset it, nothing happens. 

Coming straight from the manufacturer, all Somfy Motors are usually in factory settings. They can’t be reset. 

How to Test Whether Your Motor Is in Factory Settings

Step 1

  • Press the up and down button simultaneously. 

Step 2

  • The motor will jog once (it moves up and down). 
  • This means the motor is in the right settings and you can’t reset it. You can now program the motor. 

2. There’s No Power

As with all electronics, the Somfy Motor needs power to run. When there’s no power running through the motor, the reset sequence will not work. 

It is easy to check whether there’s power running through the motor if you have more than one blind or shutter.

How to Test If There’s Power 

Step 1

Check the power source connection to check if all blinds or shutters are working. 

Step 2

Do a reset. 

Step 3

If one blind or shutter isn’t working and you try to do a reset and the others are working, it could be a power issue. 

3. You are Using an External Module

The external receiver units are reset in a different way. It’s not a reset where the motor’s limits will be restored to factory settings. 

This is because the limits of this type of motor are built into the motor itself.  

This reset results in the link between the motor and the remote control being terminated.

For the external module, you are removing the link between the remote control and the motor. 

The limits of the motor are set on the motor itself. You can use the receiver module but this isn’t common.

An actual reset of the module removes control from the memory of the motor.

How to Use an External Module 

Step 1

  • Press the program button on the remote.
  • LED lights will flash.

Step 2

  • Turn the remote over.
  • Press the program button once.
  • LED flashes quicker. 

Step 3

  • LED light disappears.
  • The Somfy Motor has been reset. 

4. The Motor Is Defective

The last problem could be that the motor is defective and needs replacement.

Run the above tests before you conclude that your Somfy Motor is defective. 

How to Reset Transformer Based Motors

Other motors used for blinds and shutters are 12V and have a transformer as a power supply. 

The Reset Procedure

Step 1

To reset this motor press and hold the program button for 10 seconds. 

Step 2

The motor will jog three times. 

This means the motor is now reset.

Find the Perfect Somfy Solution for Your Needs 

There is a wide range of motors and electric blinds available. 

The reset procedure is designed to be easy to complete. Thus saving you time dealing with technicians or customer service.

Determine your motor and use the correct procedure to reset your device to the factory settings and get back to using your Somfy Solutions. If you have any questions or are still unsure about how to solve your Somfy Motor troubles, send in an email to

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