Solus Radio Kit

Solus Radio Kit

Solus Radio Kit
Solus Radio Kit diag
Solus Radio Kit: motor and control kit. RTS motor for multiple applications.

Product features

• Progressive limit adjustment.
• Recommended RTS controls: Chronis Comfort RTS timer with/without light sensor (roller shutters).
• Tubular motors series, series 50: 10 Nm to 40 Nm.
• Quick assembly through unique clip system.
• Supplied with Solus RTS wall switch.

Product benefits

• Feedback when programming the motor (the end product moves).
• Flexible and multifunctional system: easily add, move and remove wireless RTS controls
• Simplified wiring.
• RTS motor with built-in radio receiver.
• Tubular motor 230 V/50 Hz, with built-in high frequency receiver.
• Reception range: 20 metres through 2 concrete walls.
• 2 Adjustable intermediate positions are possible.
• 1 Solus Radio Kit tubular motor can be controlled wirelessly from a maximum of 12 wireless controls.
• Solus motor fits in a tube with a minimum inner diameter of 47 mm.
• Limit switch capacity: 29 rpm (± 8°).
• Supplied as standard with a white 3-core (VVF) cable. 2.5 m long.
• Axial and radial cable outlet.
• Campatible with series 50 Hipro tubular motor accessories.
• Not suitable for continuous use.

Solus Radio Kit motors

Type of
Torque (Nm)RPM
(rev/ min.)
Tensile strength
with tube
(kg - ø mm)
Solus RK 10/ 12101240 - ø 501 037 027
Solus RK 20/ 12201280 - ø 501 041 066
Solus RK 30/ 123012120 - ø 501 045 146
Solus RK 40/ 124012160 - ø 501 049 076

Main technical data:

 Solus RK 10/ 12Solus RK 20/ 12Solus RK 30/ 12Solus RK 40/ 12
X = motor length (mm)655675715745
Y = drill distance (mm)640660700730
Torque (Nm)10203040
RPM (rev/ min.)12121212
Tensile strength of tube ø 50 mm (kg)4080120160
Limit switch capacity (rev.)29292929
Power (Watt)90140160240
Voltage (Volt)230230230230
Current (Ampere)0,450,650,751,1
Maximum run time (min.)4444
Maximum motor temperature (°C)140150150150
Minimum tube diameter (mm)50 x 1.550 x 1.550 x 1.550 x 1.5
Weight (kg)2,102,312,502,80
Length of the cable (m)2,52,52,52,5
Number of cores3333
Diameter of the cores (mm2)0,750,750,750,75
Protection classIP 44IP 44IP 44IP 44
Minimum/ maximum environment temperature (°C)-20/+40-20/+40-20/+40-20/+40

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