Solar and wind device, Soliris IB

Solar and wind device, Soliris IB

Solar and wind device, Soliris IB

For Somfy IB bus system. Can be combined via electronic motor switches Centralis Uno IB or Moco 4 AC with standard tubular motors.

Automatically controls the awnings down or up based on the amount of sunlight and wind speed measured.

Product benefits

• IB Bus system application.
• Manual central operation facility on operating box.
• Solar function can be switched off (e.g. in the winter).
• An interim position may be programmed (e.g. automatically roll down 1 metre as a result of the sun).
• Simple settings of sun and wind limits (accessible behind the front plate).
• Smart electronics ensure optimal delay times. As a result there are no unnecessary upwards and downwards movements in the event of changeable weather (overcast but sunny).
• Can be combined with a rain sensor if required.
• Attractive design.
• Can be combined with electronic motor switches Centralis Uno IB, Moco 4 AC.

Main technical data:

Power voltage:220-240V ~ 50/ 60Hz
Index protection:IP 40
Operating temperature:-10℃ to +40℃
Measurement range of wind limits:10-80 km/h (2-9 Bf)
Measurement range of sun limits:0-60 kLux
Steering time:permanent for wind signal

Solar and wind system for IB Bus

 Reference number
Soliris IB kit1 818 163
Including combined sun and wind sensor.
Soliris IB1 818 161
White mounting box9 102 073
Grey mounting box9 102 004
Soliris sensor9 101 474
For replacement
Rain sensor9 705 588

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