Indoor receiver, Centralis RTS 2 indoor receiver

Indoor receiver, Centralis RTS 2 indoor receiver

Indoor receiver, Centralis RTS 2 indoor receiver

Can be combined with 1 standard tubular motor.

Can be controlled with all RTS control points, except ‘wireless’ solar and wind device, ’wireless’ wind safety, autonomous solar sensor and autonomous wind safety.

Product benefits

• Can be combined e.g. with remote control and/ or wireless switch.
• No wiring between receiver and control point.
• Emergency operation on receiver.
• 2 interim positions can be programmed.

Main technical data:

Power voltage:220-240V ~ 50/ 60Hz
Index protection:IP 30
Operating temperature:-5°C to +60°C
Reception frequency:433.42 MHz
Output delay time:3 minutes
Dimensions of mounted version:83 x 83 x 48 mm
Dimensions of built-in version:81 x 81 x 45 mm (18 mm)

Indoor receiver

 Reference number
Centralis RTS 2 indoor receiver1 810 137
For mounting: use mounting box, ref. 9 154 122.

Wireless control points

(to be ordered separately)

 Reference number
Telis 1 RTS Pure1 810 630
White, including wall button.
Telis 1 RTS Silver1 810 637
Silver, including wall button.
Telis 1 RTS Patio1 810 642
Blue/ white, shock and water resistant. Incl. wall button.
Telis 1 RTS Lounge1 810 649
Black design finish. Incl. wall button.
Centralis RTS1 810 090
Wireless wall switch.
Situo RTS1 810 636
Wireless wall switch.
Battery9 011 651
Type CR2430 sold in packs of ten.

Application e.g. of Telis 4 RTS, Inis RT, Telis Composio RTS and Impresario Chronis RTS is also possible.

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