How to Ensure You Don’t Void Your Somfy Warranty

All Somfy tubular motors work according to the same principle; frequent testing and reliable, well-designed technology to ensure long life.

If there’s a manufacturing defect with the tubular motor, Somfy will replace it. 

How the Warranty Works

Somfy offers end product suppliers a 5-year warranty on all its motors. They warrant their motors to be defect-free of defect for 5 years, commencing on the date stamped on the product. 

If there’s a manufacturing error with your Somfy tubular motor, follow these steps to get a replacement:

  1. File a customer report.
  2. Rolluik Store ships a new tubular motor to the customer.
  3. Rolluik Store receives the faulty tubular motor from the customer and ships it to Somfy. 
  4. Depending on the cause of the damage, Somfy either fixes or replaces the motor. 
  5. The new tubular motor goes to the main stock. The replacement tubular motor is added to B stock and sold at a discounted price. 

How To Not Void Your Somfy Warranty

Somfy boasts of manufacturing maintenance-free asynchronous tubular motors. They guarantee you won’t need to repair a tubular motor during its life span. 

To watch a video explaining the conditions of the warranty click here

However, should the tubular motor have a manufacturing defect, they will replace it. 

The replacement is dependent on the rules and regulations below.

1. Don’t drill into the motor.

Drilling into the motor is the easiest way to void your Somfy Warranty. There’s no need to open up the motor. 

Somfy has designed the tubular motors to require no maintenance during its life span.

Finger pointing at a small drill damage mark on the outside of a blue Somfy tubular motor

What to do instead: When there’s a problem with the motor, and it’s still under warranty, let Somfy solve the problem. 

Submit your customer report and wait for Somfy to deliver the replacement. 

2. Don’t interfere with the band around the motor.

During installation, when securing the fixation to the slats, you might be tempted to use screws to secure the motor; don’t do this. 

When the motor rotates, it scrapes a part of the steel. This may cut open the motor. You will have two parts and no power passing to the tube. 

Small drill damage mark on the outside of a blue Somfy tubular motor

What to do instead: If you want to secure the fixation to the slats in place, don’t drill too far. Don’t enter the screws too far into the tube. 

Alternatively, use the tubular motors that come with clips for easy installation. During installation, these clips wrap around the tube, and there’s no need to use screws to mount the motor. 

3. Don’t open the motor.

Don’t attempt to open the motor during the warranty period. Any attempt to open up the motor will be detected and thus void the warranty. 

Close up of black motor housing on a blue Somfy tubular motor

What to do instead: Even if you know what you’re doing, wait until the warranty period is over before you open up the motor. 

4. Don’t expose the motor to water.

Water causes extensive damage to electronic devices. Water corrodes the hardware and may lead to short-circuiting. 

With the tubular motors, the damage may not occur easily. There’s a plug inside the tube before you get to the actual motor. 

However, continuous exposure to water will eventually damage the internal workings of the motor. 

Electrical cable being held in a U shape to the left of a Somfy tubular motor

What to do instead: During installation, as you mount the motor, ensure the cable is in U shape and not flat. This way, the water droplets settle at the lowest point and don’t enter the tube. 


There you have it, four simple ways to ensure you don’t void your Somfy Warranty. 

Remember the following:

  • If there’s a problem with the motor, don’t attempt to fix the motor. Do not interfere with the motor. Instead, send it to the Rolluik Store, and they will replace it. 
  • You don’t have to wait for weeks for the repair and replacement of your tubular motor. As soon as you submit the customer report, Rolluik Store will immediately send you a new tubular motor. 
  • To avoid voiding your warranty, learn how to correctly mount your tubular motor. Send in an email, and Rolluik Store will get back to you.
  • If you’re unsure about your product’s warranty validity, contact They will confirm this information for you.

Check out the Somfy tubular motors and other Somfy motors. Contact or email for more information.

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