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How To Choose the Right Motor for Your Rolling Garage Door: LT 50 vs. LT 50 CSI

One of the biggest mistakes people make while replacing motors on rolling doors is ordering the wrong motor. 

Often, most people confuse the names and specs of the motors as they are quite similar. 

While ordering a rolling door replacement motor, you should: 

  • Make sure you get the name and the version of the motor right.
  • Send a picture to your supplier if you’re not sure of the name. 
  • Carry the broken motor to the shop while getting a replacement. 

 Types of Rolling Motors 

In most cases, you’ll come across two motors with the same name, for example, the Somfy LT 50 motors. However, the range of Somfy LT 50 motors are quite different. 

If you look behind the names, you’ll see three letters (see image below), which make all the difference. The letters help differentiate versions in the same series. 

Two Somfy motors beside each other ‘HELIOS 30/17 CSI’ visible on front motor

The motor with ‘CSI’ after LT 50 is the CSI version while the one without is the LT 50 standard version. 

Despite looking similar the different versions mean that they are incompatible with the other’s brackets. The CSI version won’t fit into a regular bracket. And the regular version won’t fit into a CSI bracket.

Similarities Between the LT 50 and the LT 50 CSI Motors

Since the motors fall in the same series, they share some similarities, such as: 

  • Both motors make it easy for you to set both upper and lower end limits. You can use a remote to program and operate the motors. 
  • You can replace the power cords on both motors without cutting the cord. You just need to loosen the screws on the head of either motor and replace the cord. 
  • Both motors run quietly. You can install them without worrying about excess noise around you and your loved ones. 
  • They come in a compact and powerful size, thus you can use on projects of all shapes and sizes. 
  • You can reuse the crown and drive from old motors while replacing a new motor on both. This is especially helpful since the replacement motors come without the crown and drive. 
  • Both motors run at the same speed of 17 revolutions per minute.

Differences Between the LT 50 and the LT 50 CSI Motors 

Despite having general similarities, the LT 50 and LT 50 CSI motors have many differences. 

The differences include:

1. Usage of the Motors 

The standard version (LT 50) motor works best on roller shutters and awnings. 

The LT 50 CSI works well on garage doors and other rolling doors. 

2. Motorhead Compatability

Each version comes with a different motorhead. 

The motorhead on the LT 50 is compatible with a specific set of brackets. You cannot fit the LT 50 CSI motorhead on these brackets and vice versa. 

LT 50 motorhead facing towards the screen (left) and LT 50 CSI motorhead (right)

Getting the wrong motor creates an immediate compatibility issue. 

You might need to change the brackets (affecting the entire system). 

3. The Functionality of the Motors 

The LT 50 CSI comes with a manual override, unlike the LT 50.

If the LT 50 CSI motor malfunctions or breaks down, you can still open the rolling garage door manually. 

This is quite helpful because it gives you access into the garage even when the rolling system breaks down. 

The manual override works via a winch, which you can insert into the motor through the opening fire connect. 

Instructor pointing to the hole where a winch can be inserted in the event of a malfunction

The standard LT 50 makes it harder for you to operate the system if it malfunctions. 

How to Choose a Rolling Garage Door Motor 

While choosing a motor system, you need to think about: 

  • Where you’ll use it. You will need different systems for doors, blinds, or shutters. 
  • How often you’ll use the system. You need to invest in a quality rolling motor that will last you. 
  • The availability of parts should you need to fix or replace parts on the motor. 

While choosing a motor system, you can trust Tromm to offer you the best quality motors. Starting with the LT 50 CSI system, we will provide you with a wide selection of high-quality motors and other Somfy parts. Get in touch with us today and order your motor.