How to Ensure You Don’t Void Your Somfy Warranty

All Somfy tubular motors work according to the same principle; frequent testing and reliable, well-designed technology to ensure long life.

If there’s a manufacturing defect with the tubular motor, Somfy will replace it. 

How the Warranty Works

Somfy offers end product suppliers a 5-year warranty on all its motors. They warrant their motors to be defect-free of defect for 5 years, commencing on the date stamped on the product. 

If there’s a manufacturing error with your Somfy tubular motor, follow these steps to get a replacement:

  1. File a customer report.
  2. Rolluik Store ships a new tubular motor to the customer.
  3. Rolluik Store receives the faulty tubular motor from the customer and ships it to Somfy. 
  4. Depending on the cause of the damage, Somfy either fixes or replaces the motor. 
  5. The new tubular motor goes to the main stock. The replacement tubular motor is added to B stock and sold at a discounted price. 

How To Not Void Your Somfy Warranty

Somfy boasts of manufacturing maintenance-free asynchronous tubular motors. They guarantee you won’t need to repair a tubular motor during its life span. 

To watch a video explaining the conditions of the warranty click here

However, should the tubular motor have a manufacturing defect, they will replace it. 

The replacement is dependent on the rules and regulations below.

1. Don’t drill into the motor.

Drilling into the motor is the easiest way to void your Somfy Warranty. There’s no need to open up the motor. 

Somfy has designed the tubular motors to require no maintenance during its life span.

Finger pointing at a small drill damage mark on the outside of a blue Somfy tubular motor

What to do instead: When there’s a problem with the motor, and it’s still under warranty, let Somfy solve the problem. 

Submit your customer report and wait for Somfy to deliver the replacement. 

2. Don’t interfere with the band around the motor.

During installation, when securing the fixation to the slats, you might be tempted to use screws to secure the motor; don’t do this. 

When the motor rotates, it scrapes a part of the steel. This may cut open the motor. You will have two parts and no power passing to the tube. 

Small drill damage mark on the outside of a blue Somfy tubular motor

What to do instead: If you want to secure the fixation to the slats in place, don’t drill too far. Don’t enter the screws too far into the tube. 

Alternatively, use the tubular motors that come with clips for easy installation. During installation, these clips wrap around the tube, and there’s no need to use screws to mount the motor. 

3. Don’t open the motor.

Don’t attempt to open the motor during the warranty period. Any attempt to open up the motor will be detected and thus void the warranty. 

Close up of black motor housing on a blue Somfy tubular motor

What to do instead: Even if you know what you’re doing, wait until the warranty period is over before you open up the motor. 

4. Don’t expose the motor to water.

Water causes extensive damage to electronic devices. Water corrodes the hardware and may lead to short-circuiting. 

With the tubular motors, the damage may not occur easily. There’s a plug inside the tube before you get to the actual motor. 

However, continuous exposure to water will eventually damage the internal workings of the motor. 

Electrical cable being held in a U shape to the left of a Somfy tubular motor

What to do instead: During installation, as you mount the motor, ensure the cable is in U shape and not flat. This way, the water droplets settle at the lowest point and don’t enter the tube. 


There you have it, four simple ways to ensure you don’t void your Somfy Warranty. 

Remember the following:

  • If there’s a problem with the motor, don’t attempt to fix the motor. Do not interfere with the motor. Instead, send it to the Rolluik Store, and they will replace it. 
  • You don’t have to wait for weeks for the repair and replacement of your tubular motor. As soon as you submit the customer report, Rolluik Store will immediately send you a new tubular motor. 
  • To avoid voiding your warranty, learn how to correctly mount your tubular motor. Send in an email, and Rolluik Store will get back to you.
  • If you’re unsure about your product’s warranty validity, contact They will confirm this information for you.

Check out the Somfy tubular motors and other Somfy motors. Contact or email for more information.

Comparison Between the Somfy RS100 IO and the Somfy Oximo IO

If you are in search of motors and are torn between the Somfy RS100 IO and Somfy Oximo, this article is for you. 

It provides a guide on the differences and similarities between the Somfy RS100 IO and Somfy Oximo.

The Somfy RS100 IO is a newer model in the Somfy IO motor line and is referred to as the ‘first intelligent plug & play roller shutter motor’.  

Similarities between the Somfy RS100 IO Motor and Somfy Oximo IO Motor

The Somfy RS100 and Somfy Oximo IO have a number of similarities. The major being, they are both used for roller shutters. 

Here are more similarities:

Frost protection function 

This function detects frost when the roller shutters are being closed. This function automatically shuts off the motor. This prevents damage resulting from frozen roller shutters. 

Obstacle detection function 

This function keeps the roller shutters safe. The motor shuts down when it encounters an obstacle while moving up and down thus preventing damage.

Controlled by the same remote 

The Somfy RS100 IO and Somfy Oximo IO are controlled by the same remote. There is no need to buy two remote controls.

Key Differences: Somfy RS100 IO Motor vs Somfy Oximo IO Motor

At A Glance

Somfy RS100 IOSomfy Oximo IO
Usage Torque of 10Nm. Suitable for small rollers and shutters Torque of 10Nm.  Suitable for large rollers and shutters 
Noise ReductionVery quietLoud compared to the Somfy RS100 IO
Product LifespanLonger lifespan because of the Soft Start and Soft Stop featureLimited lifespan. Lacks the Soft Start and Soft Stop feature 
PricingCostlier than Somfy Oximo IO Cheaper than the Somfy RS100 IO
Customisation Has customisation optionsNo customisation options


The Somfy RS100 IO and Somfy Oximo IO have the same amount of torque, at 10 nm. However, the Somfy RS100 IO is much shorter.

Somfy RS100 IO  Somfy Oximo IO
The Somfy RS100 is shorter, making it suitable for small roller shutters.It also has a limited range, with a maximum torque of 20nm. Compatible with blinds and roller shutters with a torque of 6nm, 10nm, 15nm and 20 nm.The Oximo IO is compatible with large roller shutters. Offers a wider range for blinds and roller shutters whose torque is 20nm and above. 

While the Oximo IO motor is larger than the Somfy Oximo IO, they can be used together. 

For instance, for larger shutters, you use the Somfy Oximo IO and for the smaller shutters, you use the Somfy RS100. 

You can use the same IO remote controls to control the motors. There’s no need to use different remotes. 

However, when you use the wall version, the Smoove RS100 motor, you will no longer have the use of the slow speed on the Oximo IO.

Noise Reduction 

The Somfy RS100 is very quiet. It has low running noise and is suitable for use everywhere. The roller shutters aren’t loud as they move up and down.

The noise reduction function is available on the remote. You reduce the noise via a flick of the switch on the Smoove Somfy RS100 remote control. 

The motor will run at half the speed, reducing the noise, even further, giving you greater comfort.  


Somfy RS100 IOSomfy Oximo IO
Starting price, £235.Starting price, £169.95.

The Somfy RS100 IO is costlier than the Somfy Oximo IO. 

The Somfy RS100 IO retail price starts at £235 while the Somfy Oximo IO retails for between £169.95 and £219.95

Long Product Lifespan  

The Soft Stop and Soft Start functions in the Somfy RS100 IO increase the motor’s lifespan. 

The motor increases speed gradually to full speed and then reduces it when it’s almost at the end. This helps to increase the motor’s lifespan.

This function also protects the shutter by starting and stopping gradually. 


The Somfy RS100 offers a lot of customisation options through the IO setting tool. 

Through the settings tool, you can customise functions such as the speed of the motor and the range of the soft start and soft stop. 

To customise the motor:

  1. Connect the dongle to the PC. 
  2. Make a connection to the motor.
  3. Access the settings tool.
  4. Customise the features of the motor.

Choosing Between the Somfy RS100 IO and the Somfy Oximo IO

The choice of the motor to install is dependent on the size of the shutters and rollers. 

If you have smaller rollers and shutters, you are better off buying the Somfy RS100 IO motor. Follow this guide to decide on the right motor for you.

For any questions or further information, please visit or send an email to

How to Reset the Somfy Telis 6 RTS Remote Control

The Somfy Telis 6 RTS remote control is a centralised remote control that manages up to 6 groups with time programming. 

Available in the colour white, the Somfy Telis 6 RTS remote control has 6 channels and a timer. 

It is the perfect remote control for up to 6 Somfy RTS blinds, shades, or shutters.

It comes with: 

  • 6 channels that can be allocated a short name and icon
  • A timer and manual mode 
  • Up to 6 movements per day that can be pre-programmed in the timer
  • Works with all Somfy RTS motors 
  • A cradle that can be wall-mounted

The Somfy Telis 6 RTS remote control is a unique remote control. It is the only remote control in the RTS series you can reset. 

It erases, for example, any schedules that you have set and erases names. However, links to previously programmed motors aren’t erased.

For example, if you have shutters on Channel 1 and Channel 2 and an awning on Channel 3, that link will not be erased. 

To erase the remote from the memory of the motor, you’ll have to reset the motor or erase via another remote control.

Items That Are Needed

To reset the Somfy Telis 6 RTS remote control, you will need:

  1. The Somfy Telis 6 RTS remote control.
  2. A pair of working AAA batteries. 

The Steps to Follow:

Step 1

First, go to Channel 1 and press the down button once.

Step 2

Go to Channel 6 via selection and press the down button twice.

Step 3

Go back to Channel 1 and press the down button once.

Step 4

Go to Channel 2 and press the down button once.

Step 5

The Menu will be displayed on the top left of the screen.

Using the Selection button to scroll through the Menu and look for the word ‘Reset’. Select Reset.

Step 6

Press and hold down the joystick button for 5 seconds.

Step 7

Flip over the remote and remove the batteries. Put them back in and turn on the remote.

Step 8

Press the Selection button. The Menu will appear on the display screen.

N/B: Remember, this procedure only resets the Somfy Telis 6 RTS remote control and not the motors. 

User Reviews

Here’s what some of the users had to say about the Somfy Telis 6 RTS Remote Control, 

“I purchased this remote for a used Sun Setter Awning my dad gave me a few years back. The old remote was left outside for a long period of time. It stopped working due to corrosion on the board. I caved in and ordered a new remote control. I ordered the Somfy Telis 6 remote control. It worked really well once I was able to program it. I wish I had ordered this remote years ago. The remote works great and as I said once I found the instructions to program it was very easy to set up.” 

Another customer had this to say, 

“We misplaced our original remote that was 10 years old. We looked online and the Somfy Telis 6 RTS remote was a perfect match. It is easy to program and it was the best price on the web. Thanks!”

Why Choose the Somfy Telis 6 RTS Remote Control

  1. Control 6 awnings, roller shutters, or groups.
  2. Set up to 6 commands per day.
  3. Easy-to-create daily schedules. 
  4. On/Off programmed schedules.
  5. Control one or more groups pr products with one timed operation
  6. Cosmic function for automatic closing of blinds or shutters based on the setting sun.
  7. Comes with a wall mount. 

If you have any questions about the Somfy Telis 6 RTS remote control, leave a comment below or send us an email to

How To Check Your Somfy Motor When the Reset Sequence Doesn’t Work

There are instances when you need to reset your Somfy Motor

There are different ways of resetting your Somfy Motor; with the 3-8-3 sequence being the most common reset sequence method. 

The 3-8-3 reset sequence resets specific motors. It’s important to know your model type in order to use the right sequence. 

The 3-8-3 sequence works with motors with an integrated receiver and power mains voltage. Other than 10V or 240V models.

The 3-8-3 sequence may fail to work due to a couple of problems such as the motor is in the factory setting, lack of power, or the motor is defective. 

4 Common Issues That Lead to Reset Failure

Below are the four common issues that may prevent the reset sequence from working and how to fix them.   

1. The Motor Is in Factory Settings

This is the most common issue that prevents a reset. 

When you buy the Somfy Motor, you may want to test it. When you attempt to reset it, nothing happens. 

Coming straight from the manufacturer, all Somfy Motors are usually in factory settings. They can’t be reset. 

How to Test Whether Your Motor Is in Factory Settings

Step 1

  • Press the up and down button simultaneously. 

Step 2

  • The motor will jog once (it moves up and down). 
  • This means the motor is in the right settings and you can’t reset it. You can now program the motor. 

2. There’s No Power

As with all electronics, the Somfy Motor needs power to run. When there’s no power running through the motor, the reset sequence will not work. 

It is easy to check whether there’s power running through the motor if you have more than one blind or shutter.

How to Test If There’s Power 

Step 1

Check the power source connection to check if all blinds or shutters are working. 

Step 2

Do a reset. 

Step 3

If one blind or shutter isn’t working and you try to do a reset and the others are working, it could be a power issue. 

3. You are Using an External Module

The external receiver units are reset in a different way. It’s not a reset where the motor’s limits will be restored to factory settings. 

This is because the limits of this type of motor are built into the motor itself.  

This reset results in the link between the motor and the remote control being terminated.

For the external module, you are removing the link between the remote control and the motor. 

The limits of the motor are set on the motor itself. You can use the receiver module but this isn’t common.

An actual reset of the module removes control from the memory of the motor.

How to Use an External Module 

Step 1

  • Press the program button on the remote.
  • LED lights will flash.

Step 2

  • Turn the remote over.
  • Press the program button once.
  • LED flashes quicker. 

Step 3

  • LED light disappears.
  • The Somfy Motor has been reset. 

4. The Motor Is Defective

The last problem could be that the motor is defective and needs replacement.

Run the above tests before you conclude that your Somfy Motor is defective. 

How to Reset Transformer Based Motors

Other motors used for blinds and shutters are 12V and have a transformer as a power supply. 

The Reset Procedure

Step 1

To reset this motor press and hold the program button for 10 seconds. 

Step 2

The motor will jog three times. 

This means the motor is now reset.

Find the Perfect Somfy Solution for Your Needs 

There is a wide range of motors and electric blinds available. 

The reset procedure is designed to be easy to complete. Thus saving you time dealing with technicians or customer service.

Determine your motor and use the correct procedure to reset your device to the factory settings and get back to using your Somfy Solutions. If you have any questions or are still unsure about how to solve your Somfy Motor troubles, send in an email to

How To Choose the Right Motor for Your Rolling Garage Door: LT 50 vs. LT 50 CSI

One of the biggest mistakes people make while replacing motors on rolling doors is ordering the wrong motor. 

Often, most people confuse the names and specs of the motors as they are quite similar. 

While ordering a rolling door replacement motor, you should: 

  • Make sure you get the name and the version of the motor right.
  • Send a picture to your supplier if you’re not sure of the name. 
  • Carry the broken motor to the shop while getting a replacement. 

 Types of Rolling Motors 

In most cases, you’ll come across two motors with the same name, for example, the Somfy LT 50 motors. However, the range of Somfy LT 50 motors are quite different. 

If you look behind the names, you’ll see three letters (see image below), which make all the difference. The letters help differentiate versions in the same series. 

Two Somfy motors beside each other ‘HELIOS 30/17 CSI’ visible on front motor

The motor with ‘CSI’ after LT 50 is the CSI version while the one without is the LT 50 standard version. 

Despite looking similar the different versions mean that they are incompatible with the other’s brackets. The CSI version won’t fit into a regular bracket. And the regular version won’t fit into a CSI bracket.

Similarities Between the LT 50 and the LT 50 CSI Motors

Since the motors fall in the same series, they share some similarities, such as: 

  • Both motors make it easy for you to set both upper and lower end limits. You can use a remote to program and operate the motors. 
  • You can replace the power cords on both motors without cutting the cord. You just need to loosen the screws on the head of either motor and replace the cord. 
  • Both motors run quietly. You can install them without worrying about excess noise around you and your loved ones. 
  • They come in a compact and powerful size, thus you can use on projects of all shapes and sizes. 
  • You can reuse the crown and drive from old motors while replacing a new motor on both. This is especially helpful since the replacement motors come without the crown and drive. 
  • Both motors run at the same speed of 17 revolutions per minute.

Differences Between the LT 50 and the LT 50 CSI Motors 

Despite having general similarities, the LT 50 and LT 50 CSI motors have many differences. 

The differences include:

1. Usage of the Motors 

The standard version (LT 50) motor works best on roller shutters and awnings. 

The LT 50 CSI works well on garage doors and other rolling doors. 

2. Motorhead Compatability

Each version comes with a different motorhead. 

The motorhead on the LT 50 is compatible with a specific set of brackets. You cannot fit the LT 50 CSI motorhead on these brackets and vice versa. 

LT 50 motorhead facing towards the screen (left) and LT 50 CSI motorhead (right)

Getting the wrong motor creates an immediate compatibility issue. 

You might need to change the brackets (affecting the entire system). 

3. The Functionality of the Motors 

The LT 50 CSI comes with a manual override, unlike the LT 50.

If the LT 50 CSI motor malfunctions or breaks down, you can still open the rolling garage door manually. 

This is quite helpful because it gives you access into the garage even when the rolling system breaks down. 

The manual override works via a winch, which you can insert into the motor through the opening fire connect. 

Instructor pointing to the hole where a winch can be inserted in the event of a malfunction

The standard LT 50 makes it harder for you to operate the system if it malfunctions. 

How to Choose a Rolling Garage Door Motor 

While choosing a motor system, you need to think about: 

  • Where you’ll use it. You will need different systems for doors, blinds, or shutters. 
  • How often you’ll use the system. You need to invest in a quality rolling motor that will last you. 
  • The availability of parts should you need to fix or replace parts on the motor. 

While choosing a motor system, you can trust Tromm to offer you the best quality motors. Starting with the LT 50 CSI system, we will provide you with a wide selection of high-quality motors and other Somfy parts. Get in touch with us today and order your motor.

How to Connect a Somfy Eolis 3D RTS Sensor to Your Somfy Awning or Screen

The Eolis 3D Sensor RTS (White) is an RTS sensor that expands the functionality of your awning or screen, by keeping it safe from wind damage.

Based on the measured wind speed, the sensor opens or closes your awning.

For all people who have bought the device, we’ll describe how to connect the sensor to a Somfy awning or screen. 

Like many other Somfy’s products, this one is easy to set up. The process consists of connecting your remote control and sensor to your device operated by RTS motor. 

Follow the steps below:

Turn over the remote control that you use to control your awning or screen. Press and hold the program button until the motor responds. It will take about two seconds for that to happen.

Open up the back of the sensor.

Press the red button until the motor responds. Flashing light is a sign that the sensor is successfully connected.

That’s it!

The sensor now automatically detects any wind and protects your screen.

You can still use your remote control to operate your awning or screen.

If you would like more information or a quote, please fill out the form or email us at

How to Reset a Somfy RTS Remote Control

The Somfy RTS Remote Controls offer more usability to customers. Users can operate the motor and remote system to adjust motorised interior and exterior window coverings, such as: 

  • Blinds 
  • Shades 
  • Shutters 
  • Awnings
  • Screens 

The Somfy RTS remote gives users control from anywhere making it easy to adjust the coverings. They can operate the remote while sitting without having to point it at the covering. 

Troubleshooting the Somfy RTS Remotes

Often, you will need to reset your Somfy RTS remotes when they have an issue or malfunction. 

It is important to note that you cannot rest the Somfy RTS remote itself. You can only reset the motor. 

The motor stores the remote’s central control unit. You need to reset the motor’s memory, which automatically resets the remote. 

Every time you set the end limits for a motorised system, you store the information in the motor’s memory. Thus, resetting the motor automatically restores the Somfy RTS remotes to factory settings. 

Each motor comes with unique specifications. You need a different approach while resetting every motor connected to a Somfy RTS remote

If a remote malfunctions, it is easier to start from factory settings. To watch an instructional video on this subject click here.

In this article, we’ll cover the three common Somfy motors, namely: 

  • The Somfy RTS and IO motors 
  • The Somfy Tilt only 50 RTS wire-free motor 
  • A standard Somfy motor

Resetting the Somfy RTS and IO Motors – The 3-8-3 Procedure 

Things You’ll Need: 

  • A Ballpoint pen 
  • Any RTS or IO control motor

How to Do it: 

Step 1

Start by getting your remote control and connecting it to a motor. You do not need to link it to a specific motor, you can use any IO or Somfy RTS motor close to you. 

Grey Somfy RTS remote held in hands
Grey Somfy RTS remote

Step 2

Make sure you have easy access to your motor and a power source, such as a socket or a wall plug.

Get the motor, unplug it for three seconds, plug it in for eight seconds, unplug it for another three seconds and then plug it in. This should make the motor respondent. 

Somfy electrical plug being removed from power source
Somfy electrical plug being removed from power source

Step 3

On the back of the remote control, press the prog button with a ballpoint pen and hold it. 

While still pressing the prog, watch out for a response from the motor. It should respond twice for a full reset. 

Reset button on the back of a grey Somfy remote being pressed with a pen
Reset button on the back of a grey Somfy remote being pressed with a pen

Step 4

If there is no additional response from the motor, it is reset. This process automatically resets the remote to factory settings and erases any upper and lower limits from the motor’s memory. To watch an instructional video click here.


After you complete the process, you can now use the remote to set new upper and lower limits. You can also connect the remote control to another motor. 

Resetting the Somfy Tilt Only 50 RTS 12 Volt Wirefree Motor 

The Somfy Tilt only 50 RTS 12-volt wire-free motor is common on blinds such as Roman blind style shades. It uses power from a battery or a transformer. 

With Somfy Tilt only motors, you need a different procedure to reset the remote. The remote’s memory is in the motor control and does not have a free A3 sequence. 

Things You’ll Need: 

  • A paperclip 

How to Do it: 

Step 1

Find the small hole on the motor. 

If the motor is in the right position, you will find the hole at the top. 

If it is in the wrong position, look for the hole indicated in the image below. 

Reset button circled in red on the top of white Somfy tilt-only motor
Reset button circled in red on the top of white Somfy tilt-only motor

Step 2

Get the paper clip and press it into the reset button in the hole mentioned above. 

If you choose to substitute the paperclip, find a similarly thin object. You cannot reach the button with your fingers. 

Press the paperclip on the button for about 10 seconds. 

Reset button on the top of white Somfy tilt-only motor being pressed with a paperclip
Reset button on the top of white Somfy tilt-only motor being pressed with a paperclip

Step 3

After 10 seconds, the blinds will move three times; release the paperclip after the third movement. 

You’ve now completed the motor resetting process. 


The reset process erases all remotes from the motor. This leaves the motor’s memory blank with no end limits or range of motion for slats and tilts. 

You will need to program new limits into the motor’s memory. 

If you experience problems during the reset, you can: 

  • Try programming the motor afresh; it might already be in factory settings. 
  • If the programming fails, try the reset procedure above again. 

To watch this process in a video click here.

Resetting a Standard Somfy Motor 

A standard motor comes with an external perceiver unit and a centralised RTS. 

Just like the Somfy Tilt Motor above, it stores the remote controls in the motor’s memory. 

How to Do it:

Step 1

Press the prog button labeled on the motor. 

Reset button labeled ‘prog’ displayed on the top of a black standard Somfy motor
Reset button labeled ‘prog’ displayed on the top of a black standard Somfy motor

Step 2

Watch out for the flashing LED button. 

Then press the prog button on the back of the remote.

Once you press the prog button, it will start flashing faster. The flashing happens when the remote delinks from the motor. 

Step 3

Release the prog button once the flashing returns to normal speed. The delink is complete. 


This process does not reset the remote control, it only delinks it from the motor. 

Unlike the two processes above, it does not erase the limits from the motor’s memory. You will need to follow a different set of instructions to reset the limits. 

The process is described in the second half of the instructional video here.

Why Should You Choose a Somfy RTS Remote Control

As you can see, it is easy to reset any Somfy RTS Remote Control. 

With a Somfy RTS remote control, you can: 

  • Choose between 1-5 individually controlled channels.
  • Select from a wide variety of colours and finishes to match your style choices.
  • Connect your controllers with any RTS powered systems and accessories, giving you more value. 
  • Control your blinds from one position. With the omnidirectional RTS technology, you do not need to point the remote at the product you want to control. 

If you’d like more information or a quote, please fill out the form or email us at

How to program the new Somfy RS 100 IO tubular motor for roller shutters

If you want the best possible roller shutter motor on the market, you need the Somfy RS 100 IO.

This motor has a lot of new functions that make this motor easier to use and a lot more silent.

Because it’s completely different from the other IO and RTS motors, even the programming sequence is different.
So how do you program this motor? That can be seen in the video below:

An in-depth look at Somfy’s most advanced roller shutter motor

If you are looking for the absolute best that Somfy has to offer in terms of roller shutter motors, you need to look at the Somfy Oximo IO.

It’s the improved version of the Oximo RTS and comes packed with:
– Bi-directional remote signal for feedback and motor status relay
– Frost detection
– Obstacle detection

Watch the video below to see the motor and the discussion of all the benefits:

How to program a Somfy RTS motor

When you get a new Somfy motor, it will be in the factory settings.

This means you still have to:
– link a remote control
– check if the direction in which is goes is correct (so if up is really up and vice versa)
– set the upper limit
– set the lower limit
– memorise the settings

All these steps are explained in this video: